Monday, February 2, 2009

I hate thinking up titles

I love to blog but why oh why do we need a title...I can never think up a title for anything e-mails,blogs,forums anything!!!

Went shopping on Saturday at Northgate ,boy was it busy.Louis was working and I needed a couple of things.Had to price a carpet for the Beardie cage as the sand is making e sick...are they freaking nuts?......R400 for a piece of green way, no how...they can keep their sand or crap on newspaper.These pets shops are really exploiting us...madness!!
Then I went to Reptipets...just as mad...they had a Ostrich for sale..AN OSTRICH!!!!

Managed to find a really.nice black top at Edgars and Jamie (my Yorkie) picked himself a bear.No I am not crazy...he really picks out his own toys...he sniffs them and the one he acts the most interested in is the one he gets.

Where did January go? One minute 2009 had justed started and the next it was already February...soon it will be Christmas again!!

Have been having fun with my new forums...just need some more members.The Aimoo one is quite nice especially since you get a profile page where people can leave messages and they are very good at helping if you have problems.Way to go Aimoo!!!

Louis has been really busy.he started a new project and has already finished 8 floors of wiring.No wonder his clients love him,he gets things done!They are reasonably priced,give good quality and and always have the clients best interest in mind.Check out their website at


Yorkie Lover said...

How about Endless Chatter or the Neverending Chatter or Universal Pet Love........

Yorkie Lover said...

Your favorite...........
"Potter's Field" or Potter's chatter

Lindsay said...

Hey are you saying I talk to much? LOL...what about Pinkberry folks or Pinkberry Gossip for the Friendship forum...I thought about the Pinkberry Girls for it but then Ray is not a girl...hehehe