Sunday, February 8, 2009

Psitticus erithacus timneh

This is my parrot Colby,he is a Timneh Grey.People always say that Timneh Grey Parrots don't talk as well as the the Congo African Greys.But that is not always true,it all depends on the amount of time you devote to your bird,specially if you want a talker.

Colby's cage is kept in a alcove right by the kitchen and he has full view of most of the house.They are flock birds and love to be part of the family.I haven't been able to let him out of his cage as much as I would like as he has discovered all the ways of getting off his cage and we have a lot of dogs and a cat that could harm him.

Back to the talking,as his cage is right by the kitchen whenever I am in the kitchen making tea,cooking supper or doing general household chores I use this oppurtunity to talk to him.This morning was a classic example.We were watching tv and Colby said something new.He said Colby Dolby.My Hubby was saying "that is new,I haven't heard him say that before" but when I am in the kitchen that is one of the things I say to him "Colby Dolby Doo how are you"

He also picks up a lot of my interaction with the dogs for example when I am calling them inside most of them will come immeadiately but Happy our maltese poodle has to walk in slow motion it is extremely fustrating and I usually say "Happy...come!!!"Colby now says Happy come..using the same amount of fustration that I do.It is very funny.

We had a stage when everyone was saying Whaaaasssssuuuuppp! and of course we taught the bird that,he says it with a very squeaky voice.Other things he says is Hello,Colby's a good boy (using a very sad voice when he wants to remind us that he is there) and several other things.

He loves to imitate the cellphone SMS,s this can however be very annoying as he sounds exactly like my phone and has me scrambling trying to find the darn thing only to find it was Colby all along.He then goes into fits of giggles sounding exactly like I do when I am laughing.

He watches you and ever since he saw Louis dunking his biscuits in his coffee he has done the same,no biscuit gets eaten without first being dunked in his water bwl,the same goes for toast,bread etc.

He is a one person parrot and I am the only one brave enough to handle him.He will tolerate Louis taking him from the cage to the couch to come and sit by me.He also thinks I am his girlfriend and will droop his wings,making soft noises and try regurgitate his food...which while flattering is really gross.

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