Thursday, February 19, 2009

Meet Sparky


Cinnamon and Sparky

Meet our new rat Sparky she is Sugar's new companion.All other rats are boys so cannot be put in the cage with Sugar for obvious reasons.Rats are social creatures and live in colonies and hate to be alone.Sugar has really been miserable since we took away all of her friends, so even though we have more than enough pets we got just one more so that she can live out her life a happy Rattie.

I moved all the rats into other cages,so when Sparky came home today I put them both into the cage in the study,so that it was a fresh environment for them both and no-ones territory.They love each other and have decided that they like each other.

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Lorna said...

Oh they are so sweet, i used to have rats as pet's, i think they make great pet's, love the photo. xx