Monday, February 23, 2009

Housewife Hell

I am in Housewife Hell today,I decided to wash all the curtains today, a task I despise on any given day, it is a total mission.You have to take them down,remove all the hooks,wash them,dry them and then hang them back up.

You may ask what she is complaining about...well my washing machine doesn't spin so all the washing is sopping wet,the washing line fell over and now it looks like rain.Oh woe is me when can my hubby be!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh Lindsay how can you stand your washing machine? Give up and buy a new one! That's what happened to mine at Christmas and I bought a new one and now I feel like a new woman! No more wringing out the clothes like a wash woman in the 1800's! (myorkiespoiled!)

Yorkie Lover said...

Hey gf,
love the new look......when you're done doing yours, would you come and do mine? They really need it.