Wednesday, February 4, 2009


My mom came to visit me yesterday...she brought me 22 Thimbles.Some were from her and some from Jenny.I am also now a member of the Thimble Collectors club of South Africa.

I got the following thimbles:
  • A wooden thimble from Russia-it is beautiful and handpainted
  • 2 Fine Bone china thimbles with butterflies on them
  • Another wooden one with a little kangeroo attached
  • One from Sutherland England with a flower pattern and gem on top (bling it)
  • Bone china-picture of a Scottie
  • Bone china-picture of a pekinese dog
  • Thimble made from Mother of pearl
  • wooden thimble with a cat painted on it and flowers
  • wooden thimble with a clown painted on it
  • Thimble-picture of Springer spaniel
  • 2 thimbles with pictures of seals
  • 4 thimbles with flowers on it
  • 1 thimble with bird and flowers
  • a really pretty one with flowers and birds
  • 2 clue what they are made of
  • Souvenir from JGS old girls club
I have decided to have a sub collection of Dog and Fairy thimbles.Then there are the really pretty ones you can get made out of various metals and gold and silver.I will post some pictures soon.The pictures of the previous ones I got have all been posted at the thimble forum as well as my moms truly fabulous thimbles.There is also a girl from Iceland who bought a fabulous glass pretty.

Jenny sent along my newsletter for the club and she had mentioned the forum and encouraged everyone to join that was so sweet.I never thought that I would have this hobby,but it has made my mom really happy and we now have a hobby in common.Plus she has turned into a Internet baby as well.


Joy said...

Hi Lindsay,
Welcome to the wonderful world of thimble collecting! You probably will find it will be become an addiction........a good one.
I would love to send you a thimble from Australia if somehow we could communicate.
I look forward to hearing more about your additions.
Kind regards,

Lindsay said...

Hi Joy

That would be wonderful.I can PM you my address from the forum,just let me know.I know my mom had a couple of South African ones to swop..I think she has a Mandela one.Her name is Paddy on the forum.