Saturday, February 7, 2009

In the news

Went to Wimpy last night and had a pre-anniversary evening out.I had a waffle and Louis had a breakfast.Today Louis had to work on our anniversary so we will have a rain check and celebrate it another day.

Today has been so hot and Jamie who usually loves drives in the car was so uncomfortable that I had to bring him home.I saw on the news just now that the Western Cape is battling fires again and they have had to bring in the military to help.I remember when Lorraine and Jacques lived on the mountain when he was in the Navy,they also had to deal with fires and once their whole neighborhood was filled with thick,black smoke.

Also in the news.people are lobbying the government to legalize dog racing.The animal rights activists state that people won't pay money to look after dogs that don't earn them any money and many dogs get put down each year.The Racers claim that it will bring in a lot of money for the state coffers and attract tourists.I believe personally that it is just another way for humans to misuse and abuse animals.

Mom sent me a picture of a snake in a toilet.That has always been a fear of mine when visiting nature reserves,especially if the window is open...what if there is a snake in the toilet.That's it someone is going to have to check the toilet first.I would absolutely freak out and not to mention the embarrassment of explaining to the doctor where your snake bite is.

Got the DVD The Lost Boys-the tribe in the post today.I love vampire movies and Louis is happy that he can watch this one in German...always a pre-requisite when buying DVD's in our house.I have bought him a couple of German movies eg:Das Boot,Rammstein music videos .It is so hard to find them but makes him so happy.Our collection is growing,just need a few girly movies as well at the moment it is all blood and gore mostly.

Left a message for a member on Thimble Chatter whose birthday it is today.I had a hard time finding a non-glittery and non-moving graphic for her that would not trigger a epileptic fit.I had to remove most of the glitter on the forum as it made it hard for her to visit it.I wonder how people cope using the internet as the Glitter and moving graphics seem to be everywhere.

Had fun making Blingee's today.I had to make one of Jessie for the teapot competition.My Camera is broken and I couldn't take a new picture for the competition.I am so disappointed and it was my idea as well.Anyway hopefully they will understand and accept my entry.

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