Friday, February 27, 2009

Housewife Bliss

When thing go right and you make that perfect cake and supper is a hit.Here is our supper from last night-a Big hit!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My favorite things

Here is a list of my favorite things,I will probably add to this post as I think of new favorites.Obviously my hubby and dogs are favorites that goes without saying.



Visit with mom

My mom came to visit yesterday,the dogs were so happy to see her Shelby shouted and shouted and then did a happy piddle,most of it on me.

We had a lovely visit and she brought me some Thimbles,the Pipkin fairy and a beautiful cat as well as three Thimbles by Gili (South Africa).This lady is so talented she hand paints her thimbles and they are absolutely gorgeous.We will soon be doing a profile on her on
Thimble chatter so keep an eye out,you won't be disappointed.

I have decided to try make my own dog clothes,once Louis shows me how to use the sewing machine,I know it's sad I don't know how to use it but I have never had a interest in sewing before.Cheyenne and mom popped back by the house to drop off the sewing machine and I got a glimpse of Chey's cellphone (Nokia 5000), omg gorgeous and it had a fairy on the screen,I love fairies.I will be able to get this phone when I get my upgrade,I have been in Phone Hell since my phone was stolen last year.It comes in pink and blue as well.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Housewife Hell

I am in Housewife Hell today,I decided to wash all the curtains today, a task I despise on any given day, it is a total mission.You have to take them down,remove all the hooks,wash them,dry them and then hang them back up.

You may ask what she is complaining about...well my washing machine doesn't spin so all the washing is sopping wet,the washing line fell over and now it looks like rain.Oh woe is me when can my hubby be!!!

Friday, February 20, 2009


Crazy camera mommy strikes again but this time it was a case of Catography instead of Canine shots.Meowki our cat is usually a solitary cat and when he is not maintaining his royal Status in the neighborhood he is sprawled out on the couch
I knew I say one of those pesky dogs here somewhere

Cat in motion

Our new car

Our old Bakkie is almost paid up, just two more payment's and this is the new one a Nissan NP200.Poor Louis has such trouble parking it as it is much bigger than the other one and takes up a lot more space in the garage.Jamie thinks this is his car and has taken to jumping into it whenever Louis leaves the door open

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Meet Sparky


Cinnamon and Sparky

Meet our new rat Sparky she is Sugar's new companion.All other rats are boys so cannot be put in the cage with Sugar for obvious reasons.Rats are social creatures and live in colonies and hate to be alone.Sugar has really been miserable since we took away all of her friends, so even though we have more than enough pets we got just one more so that she can live out her life a happy Rattie.

I moved all the rats into other cages,so when Sparky came home today I put them both into the cage in the study,so that it was a fresh environment for them both and no-ones territory.They love each other and have decided that they like each other.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Blast from the Past-Part 2

They used to have these huge dragons on the Durban waterfront ,it was great fun.We used to go there in Easter time when I was in Primary school.

A blast from the Past

The Randburg Waterfront before

The Randburg Waterfront After

The Randburg Waterfront used to have a huge man-made dam in the middle of the center and they later drained it and now it is known as Brightwater Commons.

Scenes from The Kruger National Park

Can you believe that this is a water hole?

These pictures were taken ages ago before I had a digital camera and I have just started scanning some of the pictures I took was back when in the dark ages before my life was filled with glorious technology.

My Heritage

One part of my heritage is that my maternal great-grandparents were Scottish.We come from the Clan Maclachlan

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Poor Sebastian

Sebastian,Shelby,Suki and Sasha(lying down)

Poor Sebastian was playing in the garden and I got a feeling something was not right so I went to check and found him at the back with Sasha,they were both lying on the grass and there was no indication anything was wrong until I picked him up.He was holding his hind leg up and crying.
Took him to the vet and he had a sprained foot,the vet gave him morphine and painkillers for the next 4 days.

Happy Anniversary

Went to Black Steer last night for our anniversary,it was very enjoyable and we had our usual- ribs.Afterward we went to Mr Video and got a new series for me to watch Burn Notice and the movie Waitress as well.Louis had a really bad day at work yesterday so he needed to unwind,he says ten minutes with me and he is totally cheered up, isn't he sweet?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Psitticus erithacus timneh

This is my parrot Colby,he is a Timneh Grey.People always say that Timneh Grey Parrots don't talk as well as the the Congo African Greys.But that is not always true,it all depends on the amount of time you devote to your bird,specially if you want a talker.

Colby's cage is kept in a alcove right by the kitchen and he has full view of most of the house.They are flock birds and love to be part of the family.I haven't been able to let him out of his cage as much as I would like as he has discovered all the ways of getting off his cage and we have a lot of dogs and a cat that could harm him.

Back to the talking,as his cage is right by the kitchen whenever I am in the kitchen making tea,cooking supper or doing general household chores I use this oppurtunity to talk to him.This morning was a classic example.We were watching tv and Colby said something new.He said Colby Dolby.My Hubby was saying "that is new,I haven't heard him say that before" but when I am in the kitchen that is one of the things I say to him "Colby Dolby Doo how are you"

He also picks up a lot of my interaction with the dogs for example when I am calling them inside most of them will come immeadiately but Happy our maltese poodle has to walk in slow motion it is extremely fustrating and I usually say "Happy...come!!!"Colby now says Happy come..using the same amount of fustration that I do.It is very funny.

We had a stage when everyone was saying Whaaaasssssuuuuppp! and of course we taught the bird that,he says it with a very squeaky voice.Other things he says is Hello,Colby's a good boy (using a very sad voice when he wants to remind us that he is there) and several other things.

He loves to imitate the cellphone SMS,s this can however be very annoying as he sounds exactly like my phone and has me scrambling trying to find the darn thing only to find it was Colby all along.He then goes into fits of giggles sounding exactly like I do when I am laughing.

He watches you and ever since he saw Louis dunking his biscuits in his coffee he has done the same,no biscuit gets eaten without first being dunked in his water bwl,the same goes for toast,bread etc.

He is a one person parrot and I am the only one brave enough to handle him.He will tolerate Louis taking him from the cage to the couch to come and sit by me.He also thinks I am his girlfriend and will droop his wings,making soft noises and try regurgitate his food...which while flattering is really gross.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

In the news

Went to Wimpy last night and had a pre-anniversary evening out.I had a waffle and Louis had a breakfast.Today Louis had to work on our anniversary so we will have a rain check and celebrate it another day.

Today has been so hot and Jamie who usually loves drives in the car was so uncomfortable that I had to bring him home.I saw on the news just now that the Western Cape is battling fires again and they have had to bring in the military to help.I remember when Lorraine and Jacques lived on the mountain when he was in the Navy,they also had to deal with fires and once their whole neighborhood was filled with thick,black smoke.

Also in the news.people are lobbying the government to legalize dog racing.The animal rights activists state that people won't pay money to look after dogs that don't earn them any money and many dogs get put down each year.The Racers claim that it will bring in a lot of money for the state coffers and attract tourists.I believe personally that it is just another way for humans to misuse and abuse animals.

Mom sent me a picture of a snake in a toilet.That has always been a fear of mine when visiting nature reserves,especially if the window is open...what if there is a snake in the toilet.That's it someone is going to have to check the toilet first.I would absolutely freak out and not to mention the embarrassment of explaining to the doctor where your snake bite is.

Got the DVD The Lost Boys-the tribe in the post today.I love vampire movies and Louis is happy that he can watch this one in German...always a pre-requisite when buying DVD's in our house.I have bought him a couple of German movies eg:Das Boot,Rammstein music videos .It is so hard to find them but makes him so happy.Our collection is growing,just need a few girly movies as well at the moment it is all blood and gore mostly.

Left a message for a member on Thimble Chatter whose birthday it is today.I had a hard time finding a non-glittery and non-moving graphic for her that would not trigger a epileptic fit.I had to remove most of the glitter on the forum as it made it hard for her to visit it.I wonder how people cope using the internet as the Glitter and moving graphics seem to be everywhere.

Had fun making Blingee's today.I had to make one of Jessie for the teapot competition.My Camera is broken and I couldn't take a new picture for the competition.I am so disappointed and it was my idea as well.Anyway hopefully they will understand and accept my entry.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Tribute to my hubby

This is a tribute to my hubby we have been married 12 years and have been together 17 years.Love you sweetheart.

Girly Comments & Graphics

Lindsay and Louis

Girly Comments & Graphics

Girly Comments & Graphics

JamJam the wonder dog

Wow...getting a bit better at Titles

Last night Louis old Jamie to go and fetch his Monster.I had washed his Monster and it was in the washing basket waiting to be hung on the line.He went and searched all over for his monster and found it in the washing basket and brought it to us...trailing water through the whole house.

So we took away Monster...he was too wet to play with and told Jamie to go and get his bear.Jamie has heaps of toys and could have brought any toy back but no....he brought a bear back.

Now we were intrigued and told him to go fetch his Zebra...yup you guessed it,he knows what his Zebra is and brought it back...What a clever boy!!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


My mom came to visit me yesterday...she brought me 22 Thimbles.Some were from her and some from Jenny.I am also now a member of the Thimble Collectors club of South Africa.

I got the following thimbles:
  • A wooden thimble from Russia-it is beautiful and handpainted
  • 2 Fine Bone china thimbles with butterflies on them
  • Another wooden one with a little kangeroo attached
  • One from Sutherland England with a flower pattern and gem on top (bling it)
  • Bone china-picture of a Scottie
  • Bone china-picture of a pekinese dog
  • Thimble made from Mother of pearl
  • wooden thimble with a cat painted on it and flowers
  • wooden thimble with a clown painted on it
  • Thimble-picture of Springer spaniel
  • 2 thimbles with pictures of seals
  • 4 thimbles with flowers on it
  • 1 thimble with bird and flowers
  • a really pretty one with flowers and birds
  • 2 clue what they are made of
  • Souvenir from JGS old girls club
I have decided to have a sub collection of Dog and Fairy thimbles.Then there are the really pretty ones you can get made out of various metals and gold and silver.I will post some pictures soon.The pictures of the previous ones I got have all been posted at the thimble forum as well as my moms truly fabulous thimbles.There is also a girl from Iceland who bought a fabulous glass pretty.

Jenny sent along my newsletter for the club and she had mentioned the forum and encouraged everyone to join that was so sweet.I never thought that I would have this hobby,but it has made my mom really happy and we now have a hobby in common.Plus she has turned into a Internet baby as well.

Monday, February 2, 2009

I hate thinking up titles

I love to blog but why oh why do we need a title...I can never think up a title for anything e-mails,blogs,forums anything!!!

Went shopping on Saturday at Northgate ,boy was it busy.Louis was working and I needed a couple of things.Had to price a carpet for the Beardie cage as the sand is making e sick...are they freaking nuts?......R400 for a piece of green way, no how...they can keep their sand or crap on newspaper.These pets shops are really exploiting us...madness!!
Then I went to Reptipets...just as mad...they had a Ostrich for sale..AN OSTRICH!!!!

Managed to find a really.nice black top at Edgars and Jamie (my Yorkie) picked himself a bear.No I am not crazy...he really picks out his own toys...he sniffs them and the one he acts the most interested in is the one he gets.

Where did January go? One minute 2009 had justed started and the next it was already February...soon it will be Christmas again!!

Have been having fun with my new forums...just need some more members.The Aimoo one is quite nice especially since you get a profile page where people can leave messages and they are very good at helping if you have problems.Way to go Aimoo!!!

Louis has been really busy.he started a new project and has already finished 8 floors of wiring.No wonder his clients love him,he gets things done!They are reasonably priced,give good quality and and always have the clients best interest in mind.Check out their website at