Sunday, January 25, 2009

Our New Car

We got our new car yesterday a Nissan Bakkie,it is really nice and even has a canopy.The dogs were so excited and sniffed the car all over and even climbed in the back to have a good look...hmmm car rides in our future?

It has been difficult to take all the dogs on rides as 7 dogs on my lap is not my idea of fun,now we have a Bakkie with a canopy,I can put some blankets in the back and take everyone for a ride and Jamie can still be the king of the castle and ride up front.

Shelby and Jamie have been chasing each other all over the garden today,why is it that one dog will a chew toy and even though there are plenty other chew toys...they have to have the one that the other dog has?

What is with Television these days..they have been showing the biggest load of crap lately ie:Twinsitters...I mean really! and to make matters worse they put it on Saturday and repeated it eyeballs are still bleeding from yesterday.
Another really stupid program is Thunder Strike where we try once again to copy the US...I mean is it really that we do not have one tiny spark of originality..why can we not come up with our own shows and stop copying everyone else.This feeble attempt at wrestling is beyond's asinine.They had this really fat guy trying to wrestle (I beg your pardon I mean man-handle no actual wrestling was involved) two little dudes who looked like accountants who got lost on their way home from the office and wearing of all things...suspenders!!!
Then they had this huge black dude running around trying to look fierce but basically not doing much....OMG it was awful!!

The Gladiator show was not bad, one of our more reasonable attempts..but then they had to take one of them and put them on Strictly come dancing..yet another copy!!Don't get me wrong we do not discriminate we copy shows from the UK too,we have done idols where only a few have actually gone on to make it...what ever happened to Karen?

We do have some good shows like Isidingo (never the same since Ashley Callie died) and 7de Laan.The so you think you can dance show was also good because they had a lot of South African dances in it.We also have other good shows like Top Billing and Carte Blanche.

All I'm saying television people you know who you are,stop messing around and bring us some good shows,stop cramming repeats down our throats and give us some good quality...Is that so much to ask?

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