Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Visit with mom

My mom came to visit yesterday,the dogs were so happy to see her Shelby shouted and shouted and then did a happy piddle,most of it on me.

We had a lovely visit and she brought me some Thimbles,the Pipkin fairy and a beautiful cat as well as three Thimbles by Gili (South Africa).This lady is so talented she hand paints her thimbles and they are absolutely gorgeous.We will soon be doing a profile on her on
Thimble chatter so keep an eye out,you won't be disappointed.

I have decided to try make my own dog clothes,once Louis shows me how to use the sewing machine,I know it's sad I don't know how to use it but I have never had a interest in sewing before.Cheyenne and mom popped back by the house to drop off the sewing machine and I got a glimpse of Chey's cellphone (Nokia 5000), omg gorgeous and it had a fairy on the screen,I love fairies.I will be able to get this phone when I get my upgrade,I have been in Phone Hell since my phone was stolen last year.It comes in pink and blue as well.

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