Sunday, December 14, 2008

What did we do before Digital cameras and Technology?

My birthday presents this year!!

I have been collecting photos for my website and so far I have some from Maryann and Lisa.My website is almost complete and Louis must just upload it.Yesterday I was putting adsense on my blog (this one) and Louis said he was very impressed that I figured it out so quickly and that it was Java programming....who knew!!

I am glad I did the applied for Adsense,I can earn my own money if enough people click on the ads and can also use it on my website.You have to have a google account and yesterday I saw there was a profile so I updated it and now people can google me..eeek!!!

I still need to get a new cellphone,so I can do mobile blogging and mobile facebook as well.That is on my christmas list as well as a scanner so I can scan all my photos taken in the dark ages before digital cameras eg:my wedding 12 years ago...DARK AGES!!!

I still want to get a fancy camera as I love taking photos ...just not of me.Ipods and things like that are not for I have a hearing loss and cannot wear earphones...well I can but I would suffer the consequences later on in life.I am sure many of today's generation will be joining me soon in that regard.

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Yorkie Lover said...

Wow! about Techno girl, I'm your flip side...Techno challenged. You're awesome and I see not afraid to try things. I have to see someone else do it than I can figure out what they did. You truly amaze me! 10 KUDOS.