Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas is in 2 weeks

OMG, it is two weeks till Christmas and I have still not bought one single,solitary present.I am still waiting for Louis to get his bonus so the spending can begin hehe!!I scored big time for my birthday and got a George Forman Grill,a 22 inch Plasma screen for the computer and a mousepen (ha finally managed to send a e-mail with my signature)

Have been talking to Cheyenne on Facebook,she came to visit the other day with Mom and apparently she has done really well at school and is now in Std 7 (Grade 8 I think) ,times have really changed since I was in school,Louis and I were just discussing the other day that when we were in school,you used to go sit in the courtyard at lunch and now it's mobiles,internet,facebook,myspace etc.I mean they sms each other instead of talking too each other.I suppose it is a good thing though because Storm was overseas in England and she and Cheyenne could still speak to each other on Facebook.

Pic:My cousin Cheyenne holding Shelby and Suki

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