Monday, December 22, 2008

From one topic to the other..mind boggling...ready or not we go!

Today we went to Heathway Mall to have breakfast at Wimpy and for Louis to have a haircut.I decided to go to the scrapbbok shop while I waited as I had a R20 voucher from when mom bought stuff there..Jeez but it is so expensive so I just got some paper...I scrapbook on budget LOL.Those people in the magazines realy go to extreme's I mean really who has that kind of money.

We the went to Northgate to exchange PrincessShelbybears doggie outfit,now Suki and Shelby have the same dress,one in pink and one in purple....really,really cute.

Dad was over to do the dogs doggie parlour....have scissors...will travel...hehe!!! He brought his little monsters with...I only realise how good Suki and Shelby are after they have been here...noise,mayhem and mess oh my!!

Jamie has been so grumpy today and I was a bit worried,so I boiled him up some chicken and thankfully he ate it.Must be the weather it is hot,hot,hot.

Bought a leeann Rimes DVD and a DVD for mom as well as the Webcam for Dave and Val,now they can see their friends in other countries when they talk to them on Skype.Louis gave me a present early,it was a rechargeable battery set ,so now I can take Photos Yay!! I want to take a video of the two princesses in their new dresses.Way adorable!!

Louis got one prezzie too,his Rob Zombie movie Halloween and a Jeff Dunham,spark of Insanity DVD....Scream your ass off and then laugh your ass off...Freaky!!!

Finally got Louis to get a Facebook account so I can send him virtual goodies...Yay!! I also had to get him a gmail account as both his yahoo and webmail e-mail addresses have gone wonky.

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