Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Puppies weighed

The puppies were weighed on friday.
Suki= 1,15 kg
Sebastian=1,2 kg
Sasha= 1,6kg

This picture is of Shelby looking so cute in the food scale.I thought she weighed less but I tested the scale by weighing a packet of sugar and it was working.She is still really small though and is already going silver on top...she is going to look like Jamie...a real daddy's girl!!

Sasha escaped the doggie den this morning,Louis found her playing with the cat..."ssshhhh don't tell the other cats...still have a image to uphold...can't let them know I am owned by 7 dogs"(Meowki)

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Lorna said...

So sweet, so tiny, lovely photo.
Lorna xx