Friday, December 12, 2008

Got a present

Louis came home from work and his partner Dave gave me R450 for my birthday.Louis and I can now go and have lunch at Black Steer tomorrow.He is watching "Rob Zombies-House of 1000 corpses" at the moment and I am blogging as I don't like those movies...eeek!!

Dad took his pups home,he still needs me to sort them out as he gets confused...he tried to abscond with Suki.It started raining here and Louis couldn't get in...the umbrella went A.W.O.L and brave Dad went to open the gate for Louis...not a easy task as the gate motor is not working so we had to padlock the gate hehe....can you say "Drowned rats" oops sorry I mean Hubby and dad hehe!!

Suki and Shelby went to the door to see what was going on out there,Suki ran onto the grass and got a look of absolute puzzlement on her face as if to say "Mooommm it's dripping on me!" she actually turned her head to look at her back,It was so funny.

Louis was working at this huge house today doing something data related.Anyway the house costs about R35 million and is massive.It has technology everywhere but Louis was puzzled and asked how long the guy had been there,maybe he was bankrupt from buying the house,because there was NO FURNITURE AT ALL.Just open spaces.

Anyway turns out that you press a button and up pops the furniture from the floor.If he watches TV and gets up the Tv goes back into the floor thesame with the lounge,bed etc.Up,down,up,down.....makes one quite dizzy really.I would be scared that the bed would go into the floor at night while I am sleeping.Crazy Dude!!!j

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Yorkie Lover said...

Does he have a wife and kids that do that also??? Creepy! I love seeing the personality and insides as well as outside of the house.