Thursday, December 11, 2008

Rates cut

Yippee they have finally cut the interest rates by 5o basis points,this year was a pain,6 rate hikes in one year.Just when you thought you had your budget worked out then up goes the interest rate and in the dustbin goes your budget.

Now I will have more money for the internet...because I am addicted.It has been wonderful having the internet,I thought all I really wanted to do was download Sims Stuffies but surprise,surprise I have hardly played since I got the internet because I have been so busy on YP and YT,Facebook and Myspace.

Louis says that Dave has changed his mind about working through Christmas,so maybe now I will be able to get out and go somewhere.He is gonna be sorry...I want to go to Gold reef city,some game reserves,shopping,to Sun city and wherever else I can find.

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