Thursday, December 11, 2008

New photos of puppies

Took some photos of the puppies yesterday,they are getting so big.Dads puppies are doing well at his place but are happy to come here and play with their sisters and the big dogs.Have been trying to get the hang of my new mousepen it is hard but I did manage to make a mess of several e-mails I sent mom hehe!!

I tried to take some photos of myself but I am totally not photogenic ,usually I run far away when I see the camera pointed in my direction,I will get my hair done and then try again sob!

Louis is working right through Christmas,Dave accepted a new job at Melrose Arch,so there goes all my plans up in smoke!I have been working on my website and am mostly finished except for a few things Louis must do and I have also been working on Cheyennes website,hers is going to look so cute.I put dolls on it and am making her a page for her Ireland trip...much easier than scrapbooking and less mess.

Gypsey seems to be on heat,I am not sure,but it seems so,you would have thought she would of done it when the others did but nooooo......out with the panties again.As soon as the car is paid up in March everyone furry is going to the vet!!


Yorkie Lover said...

Love seeing the site. More pics of you and Louis. Cute watching them grow.

Lorna said...

Your pups look so sweet, lovely photo of you aswell. xx