Monday, January 19, 2009

Yay I did it!!!

Yippee I finally managed to get a background on here and it looks like a scrapbook page too.Spent the weekend lazing around and watching movies with Louis.

Mr Hell-Awful,terrible,nauseating,bad acting,stupid!!!!
The Invasion-It was quite good,Nicole Kidman is a good actress except when she is acting alongside her ex.
The Valley of Elah-Good but it took sooooo long
I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry-I usually hate Adam Sandler.but this movie was funny,we were rolling on the floor giggling!!
and last but not least
The Hamilton's-What a weird family and it just proves you never know who your neighbors are.

Watched the final episode of 7th Heaven and now it is over,finished and Klaar...I am so sad.But at least Close to home is on now and I love that show.When my m-net went to the land of the lost,I couldn't watch all my shows and there were many.However when I went to the video shop on Saturday I saw they had the whole current season of Desperate I am going to go take them out and have a DH Marathon!!!

Shelby is 100% better now,I have been on paranoia overdrive with her.I let them sleep in the second bathroom now at night as I am worried about accidently stepping on her.Better safe than sorry!!!

Tomorrow is Barack Obama's Inauguration and I am going to watch it on Television,it is on from 6:30pm till 8:30pm.Haven't seen one of those before so it should be interesting.It made a big stir here in South Africa...everyone was so happy about it.

The new political COPE seems to be gaining members like it's going out of fashion.Members have been deserting the other parties like flies!! There are white,black,coloured,Indian you name it.I can only hope they win as the ANC is so corrupt these days,they have lost sight of the people and are only interested in their own well being!!

In the news 162 miners were trapped underground for hours.That must be awful,I would be so scared.My grandfather was a miner and it is not a pleasant job!!If people were meant to be moles then we would all live underground.

Louis has been really busy at work,he is getting work like it is going out of fashion.Which is good he has so many people who depend on him and I know it weighs heavily on him sometimes.We will be getting the new company car soon as well.

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Yorkie Lover said...

Love catching up on everything with you. Thanks for sharing. Love the cute!