Thursday, April 7, 2011

This and That

Went to Clearwater with hubby today and he bought me Crysis 2 which was a special at Incredible connection
buy Crysis 2 and get three other games for free so now I have Battlefield 2,mirrors Edge and Mass effect as well
to add to my Gaming collection..not that I managed to play or even install them all because I have been busy
playing Guild wars,my toon is "Samantha Lia" and she is now at Level 6 but I got a bit bored so went to one of my other
Toons "Mary the Ferocious" and now she is already Level 3 and a member of a a cute silver and black cape 

Entered some challenges at SBF as well,the Ghost ship challenge and the white challenge...the ones with no backgrounds
are for the white challenge

Anyways off to bed for me,it is almost 12am and once again I am glued to my computer..LOL and so is hubby!!

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Lorna said...

Awesome pages as always Lins, glad you and hubby had a nice time.xx