Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Same page different effects

Been playing with effects..I love effects LOL.Today has been a uneventful day..no actually I take that back..Willow
was sick and then she stepped in poop (yes she is a dog) so I had to wash her and Jamie who's poop it was,then 
she got bumped by a door but after doing all my sick doggie tests it has been determined that Willow is fine.

Then the bearded dragons were playing tag in their cage,banging all over the place and making quite a racket,so
I moved the curtain to see what they were up to and the pen holder fell on my head sending pens and letter openers
flying everywhere..Louis who was emersed in Typhoon rising got the fright of his life.


Lorna said...

Oh Lins what a day you had, at least you got to make some pages, they are fantastic pages, love the effect. xx

Carolyns Creations said...

gorgeous page xxx