Thursday, March 24, 2011

oh the drama

Was relaxing in the study when Louis comes to me and says "Lins,I think we have a problem"
visions of floods,electrical mishaps,injured dogs flooded my head so I dash off to the lounge to
see what was so problematic and Louis takes me to the bird cage and says he thinks Colby
is dead.......sooooo I look and there is the naughty parrot hiding underneath the newspaper,
no amount of knocking at the cage would make Colby come out from under the newspaper as
much as Louis tried,he even put his finger in the cage..a action unheard of because Colby
is a one person bird and that person is me


Anonymous said...

Funny!!! So has Colby come out yet?

Lisa Edwards said...

LOL Has he come out yet? Have to update us. That would be cool to have a parrot. Rick has been wanting a bird.

Lorna said...

Oh Lins, your house is always on the go, maybe Colby was waiting till Louis put his hand in the cage and tried to frighten him, like Louis does with the dog,
Revenge of the bird. LOL. xx